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If you work in a team or are a team member, you should add something comic and funny to your everyday life. Get a group caricature today! These caricatures are an excellent addition to your online presence, featuring your friends and family. Don’t worry if you do not have a group photo with all the people to be drawn. You can send them separately, and we will arrange them on a single group caricature drawing. It’s a superb gift idea that has the potential to shift a bad mood into a cheerful one. Feel free to add notes; we will incorporate them into your drawing.

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How many people can be in a group photo?

There isn’t a specific number. You can send any number of people you wish, and we will send you your detailed and customized group caricature. If you want many people in your drawing, send us details, especially if you don’t want someone in the picture. The more people you want in your drawing, the more time is needed to be done professionally. A qualified illustrator learns this profession for years and masters it through lots of practice. Sometimes small details are what matter the most to achieving that fascinating drawing. Make your colleague’s and friends’ day better by gifting outstanding artwork.

Where to get the best group caricatures?

When there are multiple people in a photo, experience matters even more because drawing a group of people requires a higher effort and greater concentration for a long time. Check out different portfolios to see what you can expect. For every person, the best caricature means something different. It is crucial to have good communication with the service provider. We strive to make every drawing of the same quality because each caricature illustration needs to be something special for you. Don’t hesitate to hire our best artists to create the most astonishing artwork for you, your friends, and your family.

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