15 Best gift ideas for teachers’ day

Gift Ideas For Teachers

A teacher’s job is critical in many regards. If you want to show appreciation, check out this list of brilliant gift ideas for teachers. While there are many things you can give, we’ve compiled a list of 15 gift ideas that we think would be perfect for any teacher.

World teachers’ day

It is also known as international teachers’ day, which focuses on appreciating the educators of the world that provides an opportunity to consider issues related to teachers and teaching. In 1994 the first world teachers day was celebrated, commemorating the 1966 anniversary of UNESCO/ILO’s recommendations for teachers. Interestingly more than 100 countries commemorate World Teachers’ Day, and each holds its celebrations. As an example, India celebrates Teachers’ Day every 5th of September.

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Which is the oldest elementary school in the world?

The Mather school is the oldest public elementary school in North America, in Boston, Massachusetts. It was named after Richard Mather, an English-born American Congregational minister. Established on June 9, 1639, which was nearly 400 years ago. Today you can find the school on Paris street just a few yards away from the original location, which is operating for students of the Dorchester district spanning grades.

The best gift ideas for teachers’ day

You are probably wondering what you should give to your beloved teacher. There are multiple categories to choose from. Something that is useful for the whole class or that can be used in the classroom to enhance the overall experience of the students, a gift that expresses your appreciation for a job well done, or something that comes in handy for personal use.

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Either way, the key is to know your teacher and more importantly, to avoid items that your teacher may already own or things that are too expensive. To come up with both practical and personal gifts, we created a list of things you can gift based on actual teachers’ opinions and some other great gifts you can give.

1. A teacher caricature

It is a gorgeous gift idea for teachers’ day. If you order a teacher caricature from Bestcartoons, you will get personalized artwork created by expert illustrators. Such a hand-drawn caricature will be appreciated because it shows the effort you put in to come up with such a creative idea. You can order it in a digital version but you can easily print it at a local store. The choice is up to you.

teacher caricature

The good thing about such a gift is that it will remind your teacher about those great times spent together. This is a brilliant way to value your professor’s work. It’s easy to order and it is an affordable idea. All you need to do is select one photo, and after uploading, your job’s finished, and it is our turn to deliver you the best teacher caricature possible.

2. A personalized “thank you” gift. 

There are many ways of showing a teacher your appreciation. The more creative you are, the more they will appreciate and remember your gesture. You can give them a card with a short text or create a handmade gift, such as a personalized teacher thank you card. Make your teacher happy with an inexpensive yet meaningful gift. The best gift ideas for teachers don’t have to be expensive. If you want to show appreciation, such a gift will do the trick.

thank you card

3. Bookshop gift cards

Giving a specific book to your teacher is an excellent idea if you know what your professor likes. For a better solution, easing the process by gifting a bookshop gift card is a better idea. You can get one for as low as 10 $ and this way you can be sure that your teacher will be delighted to go and buy the book they desire.  Maybe your teacher likes to cook or likes science, or they want a specific book of their choosing. Either way, it is an excellent gift idea for teachers that is sure to be appreciated.

gift card

4. An eco-friendly laminator

Printing on paper for each kid is an expensive and eco-unfriendly option. Laminating the sheets lets you erase the markers, so you will save paper, and you will be able to use the same sheet over and over again. You can find different options online from as low as 30$, which is an amazing value for what you get. Such a gift will be an extremely useful tool for any teacher. It is important to be mindful of our environment, and you can contribute in any way, you’ve done a great job. This one is a more clever gift idea for teachers.

5. A board game

All of us played some kind of board game when we were kids. What people don’t know is that there are thousands of new board games that come out yearly. There are many reasons why such a gift would be an excellent idea: it develops your logical thinking, entertains you, and provides quality time spent together. Some board games have sneaky math incorporated into the game itself, which makes students learn in a fun way. Because of all of these reasons, board games are one of the best gift ideas for teachers.

Some great games for a higher number of people would be: For Sale, Dixit Odyssey, No Thanks, Point Salad, Taboo, Imagine, 6 Nimmt, and others. These are all excellent choices and games that made people love board games in the past few years. Here are some examples of games that are for fewer people but involve more math: Kingdomino, Ganz Schon Clever, Azul, The Crew, and others.


6. Heat-changing mug

If you want fun little gift ideas for teachers’ day, this is what you are looking for. By design, teachers love coffee or drink a cup of tea. For this reason, such a gift would be a great idea. It is a very affordable yet creative idea for all beverage lover teachers.

heat changing mug

7. A Child’s easel

Kids will feel inspired standing in front of this customizable easel. It is an affordable yet useful gift that can be used many times for learning and entertainment purposes as well. It is easy to move around, and it’s a great option if a teacher wants to explain something by drawing it. It will not break the bank, but it will be something that will make learning a more fun process.

child's easel

8. Mr. Coffee mug warmer

It is the perfect teachers’ day gift idea, especially for those long school days. This little tool will keep your teacher’s beverage warm for hours. It is an affordable gift that is a handy addition to a classroom for your teacher. If you’re concentrated and focused on your job, you often forget to drink your drink, so it cools down. This probably happened multiple times to your teacher, so be kind and gift a “solution” for their problems.

mug warmer

9. Air purifier

A portable air purifier that fits comfortably on a teacher’s desk is a brilliant idea. It filters out dust and allergens in the classroom. You can get one that reminds you when it’s time to replace your filter. Your teacher will thank you later. This is not the most affordable option, but don’t worry it will not break the bank.

air purifier

10. Vintage Candy co. chocolate lovers’ gift basket.

This gift idea for teachers’ day is something more specific. For those who love chocolate, this is a dream gift.  It features 21 classic candy bars, including snickers, Reese’s, Hershey’s, Ferrero Rocher, and others. Your job is to resist the temptation to taste one sexy piece of chocolate.

chocolate basket

11. A DIY gift basket

If you know your teacher well, this will be a practical and useful gift. The key here is to make the basket geared towards your teachers’ interests. Try to make this basket more useful than stylish. The main goal is to give things that your teacher will use. One thing you can do to make it pretty is to create a color-themed basket. From creams and body lotions to mini perfumes and oils, there are a ton of things you can include in their custom basket.

DIY gift basket

12. A personalized gift that reflects class memories

A picture with the class and one quote from each of you can be a word or a sentence that brings up good memories for the whole class. A funny happening, a miss spoken word, or an iconic saying or phrase will be something to be remembered for a long time. This is probably the most affordable yet one of the most meaningful gifts you can give.

 13. Adhesive magnet tape

You can decorate a classroom with this tape because it turns anything into a magnet, such as photos, classroom decorations, paper cutouts, calendars, and others. It is an affordable yet practical gift for a teacher. This tape is an extremely affordable gift, perfect if you are on a budget but want something useful for a teacher. After trying it, you will probably want one for yourself as well.

adhesive magnet tape

14. A hard-cover planner

A planner is one affordable and great gift idea for your teacher. You can choose from different colors and it is great for teachers to manage their busy schedules. It is ideal for writing down notes, reminders, or others. Teachers are most of the time busy and have a lot of stuff to handle, so such a gift will be super helpful for them.

15. A personalized puzzle

If you want something customizable, affordable, entertaining, and meaningful, a personalized puzzle is what you need. You can upload a photo of your choice or multiple photos, and you will get a beautiful puzzle with different piece size options. This is an excellent gift idea for teachers that can be used as wall decor after assembling it.



When it comes to gift giving, Teachers’ Day is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for the hardworking educators in your life. While teachers are often appreciated with heartfelt notes and homemade goodies from their students, it’s always nice to give them something extra special on this day. Whether it’s a customized puzzle, a heat-changing mug, an enjoyable board game, a teacher caricature, or the others mentioned above, these are guaranteed to leave a mark in your professors’ life.