Frequently Asked Questions

A caricature is an illustration of a person in which certain characteristics are exaggerated to create a comic effect. You can use it online as a unique way to represent yourself.
Yes! Every caricature is hand-drawn by our illustrators with 10+ years of experience.
Absolutely. Find a local store or an online printing service and print them in the desired size.
There is a selection between 5/3/1 business days for delivery. All of these come at different price tags, with 5 being the free option.
Depending on what you select, you will receive an email with a 2500x2500 JPG image. If you selected the source files as well, you receive your drawing in PNG, EPS, and AI formats as well.

Yes, on the order page, if you select the source files for an additional fee, you will get
the vector files as well.

The vector format is superior to JPG since it is scalable to any size without losing
quality, and it’s easy to edit since all the shapes can be selected and manipulated

Yes, we have bulk discounts of up to 20% off. For 15+ caricatures, it’s 10%, and above
25, it’s 20% off.

Well-lit, high-resolution images are preferred, where the face is not obscured or

Yes, we can deliver your caricature as fast as one business day. You can find options for
delivery time on the order page.

You can send payment using PayPal, which has credit/debit card options too.

For press inquiries, you can contact us using our contact page, and we’ll get back to
you as soon as possible.

During the creation of your caricature, you will be in contact with the artist and can ask
for changes. If you are still unhappy, even with the revised version, we will give you a
refund. Note: we will do free revisions based on the original photo you sent. We are not
accepting new photos after we start the revision process.

We will contact you using the email address you gave us. In this email, you will find your
caricature attached.

Do you have a different question? Get in touch!

If you didn’t find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help you as soon as possible.