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Every birthday is a special event; sadly, we often forget about these occasions. A birthday caricature hanging on a wall will help refresh your memory, thus never forgetting that birthday again. A well-drawn illustration with a good likeness can cheer you up anytime. It is the perfect gift, especially if you are out of ideas. It will be an unexpected yet memorable gift. Get creative and uniquely capture the moment and emotions. Because it has no age requirements, you don’t need to think about what would be a good birthday gift based on someone’s age. You can share them online or can display them on a shelf.

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Why choose an online service over a live artist?

If you celebrate your birthday at your place with many guests, you can search for a caricature artist who offers live service. Seeing an artist in action is captivating, and you may learn one or two things. The downside is that it can be pretty expensive to hire someone. Online services let you turn your birthday photo into a well-designed birthday caricature regardless of where you live. It is more comfortable ordering a customized caricature online than sitting in a chair and waiting for the artist to finish. Also, it is easier to create a birthday caricature with multiple people based on a photo.

What are the properties of a good birthday caricature?

Every artist has a different approach when it comes to caricatures. Defining what a good caricature illustration looks like is nearly impossible because this is subjective. However, detecting a bad caricature is easy. Let’s see a few characteristics of a well-drawn birthday caricature: It needs to have a good likeness, it needs to be exaggerated to an optimal level, and it needs to capture the actual emotions of a person. With this in mind, it is up to you to decide what makes a good caricature for you. If you choose our online service, you will get customizable artwork shaped by your desires.

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